How it works

1. The advert

After registering as a user you can publish an advert on Stugbasen. The advertiser specifies which weeks are available for rental. E-mail and telephone details should always be included in an advert.

2. Booking request

When you have found a home you are interested in, you send a request directly to the owner via E-mail or by telephone.

3. Agreement / Rental contract

Agreement / Rental contract If the home is vacant and the owner and customer agree via E-mail or telephone a rental contract should be signed. Stugbasen recommends this. It is up to each owner and customer to decide what should be covered. .
A typical rental contract can be downloaded here »
The contract should even cover a prepaid deposit as a confirmation of the booking. This is often between 20% and 30% of the total price.

4. Insurance

It is recommended that the customer buys an extra cancellation insurance. If the customer is forced to cancel close to the arrival date on grounds of illness a refund of part of the fee can be made.

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